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Copyright-protected NFTs issued by reputed brands
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Submit Fan Art for brand endorsement
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Members Only Club
Engage with early access to updates and events
Exclusive access to behind the scenes content
Exclusive Experiences
Access protected content
Get tickets to special events
Redeem NFTs for physical collectibles
Copyright Licenses
Copyright protection for your creations
Special licensing agreements for Media & Entertainment Industry


For Brands

NFTs are a powerful brand engagement tool. They can build new revenue streams & deepen the relationship with consumers in unique ways. Irrespective of what you sell, NFTs provide a way for your brand to engage with a growing generation of users who value their online identity more than their offline identity.

ngageN enables brands to collaborate with artists, create branded digital assets and issue NFTs on them. These NFTs can be offered for sale to fans in INR* or offered as a reward for brand loyalty. Brand NFTs let fans own a piece of your brand’s legacy and access exclusive benefits in the Members Only brand club. Fans can also resell their NFTs at a profit.

*We are adding support for international payments soon.

For Artists & Creators

Whether you create artwork or short videos, NFTs provide a way for you to offer exclusive experiences to your fans. You now have a way to outreach to a new generation of fans – who value experiences as much as the brag rights that come with the experience.

With ngageN’s, Digital Selfie™ NFTs, this is exactly what we offer.

77% of creators cite brand deals as their primary source of revenue: ngageN enables creators to collaborate with brands to create brand NFTs getting credit for their creations, a share of the revenue & access to a new audience.

For Fans

In Web3 & Metaverse, NFTs are how fans will display the brands they love, the causes they care about, the movies they adore and the products they are proud to own. The reason you buy NFTs is the same reason you buy a T-shirt from your favourite brand: to express yourself. In the digital world, the value of an NFT depends on how rare it is & the credibility of the brand which issues it.

NFTs listed on ngageN are issued by credible brands & creators. They can be bought in INR*. When you buy an NFT on ngageN, you get access to an exclusive Members Only club where you can engage with the brand and/or the creator.